Investments that's better than FD

Below are some of the companies/apps that I personally use to diversify my investment porfolio. Most have low barriers to entry, meaning you can literally invest any amount to start.

1. Funding Societies: One of South East Asia's premier Peer to Peer (P2P) platform that's registered with the Malaysia's Securities Commission. It's basically a platform where SME's use to get people like you and me to loan some money (up to 3 years) for their business. It's a form of crowdfunding from the people. As of writting, I'm getting north of 12%+ P.A since investing for over a year now. Sign up here using my referral and we both get RM30.

2. Fundaztic: Started and scaled in Malaysia for Malaysia, similar concept to Funding Societies, Fundaztic is one of the earliest P2P platforms in Malaysia. They're also registered with Malaysia's Securities Commission so you can rest assured that they are bound to be in business. Result wise, it's similar to Funding Societies but the industry that you get here are more varied. Sign up here with my referral for more goodies.

3. Stashaway: If you've heard about roboadvisers, congrats! If you haven't, you're in luck. This is by far one of the best investments platforms that has come my way. Not so much in the returns and risk but on the simplicity of investing. Stashaway is a platform that's supported by AI to do the investing on your behalf, based on the risk that you choose. They mainly invest into ETFs, bonds and gold hence the risk is lower and since this platform is purely online, it also has really low management fees (0.2-0.8%). It's also backed by the SC. Sign up using my referral and get your account managed for free for 6 months.

Buy used clothes, equipment, fashion accessories, baby equipments, books and many more

1. Cash Converters - one of Malaysia's largest used second hand store. 
With locations in Selangor, KL and Johor, it's one of the largest second hand store in Malaysia selling everything like watches, cameras, fashion accessories, baby equipments, TV, sporting goods, musical instruments etc. Sometimes, if you look hard enough you can even find collectibles.

2. Jalan Jalan Japan - Selling used stuffs from Japan. 
Located in Subang Jaya, JJJ sells off Japanese items like clothes, sporting goods, toys, ornaments, watches, baby equipments which are shipped directly from Japan.

3. Bandoru - branded second hand clothes store.
Located in Shah Alam, Bondaru sells second hand branded clothes, shoes like Adidas, LV, Coach Uniqlo in a H&M like store. Items are shipped directly from Japan.

4. Bookup - Malaysia's largest online used bookstore. 
Buy or sell your English, Chinese, Malay books via Bookup online platform. Featured in multiple news on The Edge, The Star, BFM radio.

Save on dining via dining reservation mobile apps

1. Eatigo - Book restaurants during it's off peak hours to get massive discounts, sometimes up to 50% off your dining bill. 
Available on iOS and Android. Use with Shopback to get even more money back.

2. Offpeak - Similiar to Eatigo. 
Available on iOS and Android. Best to have both apps to cover more restaurants.

Learn from personal finance experts

1. iMoney Learning Centre -
Financial articles covering topics from insurance to credit cards, properties to money management and investments

2. Ringgit plus Blog - 
Everything you need to know about saving cash; providing tips, tricks, news, and reviews that'll get you more for your money

3. Dividend magic -
A Malaysian's journey towards financial freedom via investing in dividend stocks

4. KC Lau -
Practical money tips for Malaysians. He and his partners also conducts courses on investments and money management.

5. Ringgit Oh Ringgit -
Suraya blogs about her own personal financial journey including sharing transparently her monthly budgets, expenses and mistakes she's learned.

6. Comparehero blog
Financial news, reviews and advice like money savings tips,  promotion codes for Ubers and Grab, tips on buying car insurances.

7. Mr stingy 
Aaron blogs about his things he's learned, his journey with deliberate focus on making the most of available resources. His work, covering topics like money, career, realationships has appeared on websites like The Huffington post, iMoney, Says and Vulcan post.

8. Loan Street learning centre
Covering topics like personal finance, properties loans, savings, investments, interest rates.

Other financial experts/bloggers from overseas:
Best Personal finance blogs as recommended by Wallethub

Free stuffs, warehouse sales, promotion news

1. Freebiesland - Discover the latest freebies, promo, warehouse sales 
2. Bigsale - Shopping promotions, warehouse sales, coupons
3. Everyday on Sales - Sales, promotions, warehouse sales. 

Save on currency exchange

1. Currenseek - Helping the most competitive currency exchanger near you. 
It's a mobile app that claims to save up to 30% on currency exchange. As simple as clicking the quantity and currency that you would want to exchange and the app finds the best money changer around your chosen location radius. Available in both Android and iOS.

Save on groceries

1. Smart shopper - Plan your groceries the smart way. 
It's a comparison app that displays the best prices of the products that you are looking for across retailers. You can also use it to plan your groceries and create favorite lists including a savings planner. Doing it right can save your hundreds of ringgits each year! Available in both Android and iOS.

Save on buying, selling new or used mobile phones

1. Satugadget - Get your new phones, tablets at wholesale prices!
Considerably cheaper than most places. You can either buy online or go direct to the shop in KL to get it. You can sometimes get additional freebies when you buy at their shop. Just remember to bring enough cash as payment via credit card has additional credit card fee surcharges.

2. Direct D - Phones, tablets at wholesale prices. 
Similar to Satugadget, you can either buy online or via retail in PJ. Best to compare the prices between sites to find out where you can save more.

3. - Malaysia's online marketplace. 
You can pretty much get anything that you are looking for here. New or old, including phones. Just need to be aware of frauds, especially if it's too good to be true.

4. Carousell - Buy phones, tablets directly from owners or storeowners. 
You can sometimes find really good deals here. Feel free to negotiate with the sellers to get a good deal as most people are trying to sell their stuffs off quickly.

5. Lazada - Malaysia's largest e-commerce site selling everything from groceries to electronics.
To save big in buying over Lazada, purchase via cash back sites like Shopback and purchase on selected days where you get additional discounts. Take for example, purchases made via Citibank credit cards gives you an additional 10% off.

Save as you invest

1. Fundsupermart - Pay low fees when buying unit trust, mutual funds, private retirement schemes. 
Fundsupermart is an online unit trust distributor. It's a full service arm that provides fund information, complete product and services and really low sales charge (as low as 1% vs banks at 5%!). Available on website and android app.

2. iMoney share trading - Compare stock brokers for one that suits your need. 

Earn more money

1. Freelancer or Part-time post- Put your skills and knowledge for hire as a freelancer. 
Everyone's got a skill or knowledge that someone else is looking for. It could be web designing, mobile app development, copyrighting, data entry and so on. Browse through available jobs online or post your skills up for people to hire.

2. Airbnb - Be a host and rent out your properties or host your unique experiences as a local. 
If you've got an extra room or property in a good location, this is an easy way to make some extra money. Else, you can also put your friendly face and help other airbnb host on their behalf to earn more.

3. Carousell - As easy as snap a photo to sell things via the Carousell mobile app or online. 
Your trash can be someone else' treasure. Sell of things that you own as easy as snapping a picture of your thing and posting it. All you have to do next is wait for someone interested in your item to contact you. It's completely free (for now) to post anything up.

4. - Malaysia's largest marketplace. 
Sell off anything you own from cars to home appliances to even pets online. It's free to post your ad up but if you would need to pay to get it featured if you would want more traffic.

5. I love mystery shopping - Be a mystery shopper to companies that needs some auditing done. 
Love to dine or shop? Why not get paid to do it. Sign up to be a mystery shopper and you will get contacted when a job is available.

6. Cash Converters - Sell your used items for instant cash. 
Sell off your items (AV equipment, baby equipment, DVDs, office equipment, jewelry, fashion accessories etc) at selected locations in key cities.

Save on travels

Hint: Purchase via sites like Shopback to save even more.

1. Airasiago - Buy the flights or hotels or the total packages to save even more. 
Currently covers mostly locations in Asia. There's also promotions for things to do in most locations like guided tours, dining or even cultural classes. Look out for last minute deals with great discounts. Available over the website, android app or iOS app.

2. - Save on bookings on 1 star to 5 stars hotels and resorts. 
Tremendous savings on almost any hotel and resorts in any part of the world. As simple as choosing the dates, the location and how many people, including kids and the site gives you their best recommendations. Ample guest reviews to help you make the right choice. Available over the website, android app or iOS app.

3. Airbnb - book vacation rentals and experiences for almost any city around the world. 
Typically cheaper than staying in a hotel or resort as mostly home owners rent out their own places. One of the best ways to meet new people and experience the city like a local. Available on website, android app or iOS.
(Sign up via the link and get RM105 to travel!)

4. Expedia - Travel deals to anywhere around the world. 
Similiar to Airasiago, book flights, hotels, car rentals, activities or the whole package to save on travels. Available on website, android app or iOS.

5. Easybook - Book tickets for bus, train, ferry or even car rentals. 
Not really savings vs buying over the counter but you will save when you buy via sites like shopback where you can get back savings of up to 9%. Additional savings on Easybook on selected holiday days like labor day. Just look out at the promotion tab.

6. Bus online ticket - compare and book bus, train or ferry tickets. 
Choose your destination, date and how many people traveling and it pulls out the list of all available options neatly. Available on website, android or iOS.

Get the best promotions, coupons and deals in Malaysia

1. Fave by Groupon - Coupons for dining, eating, activities, services, travel.
One of Malaysia's most favourite coupon site, with discounts up to 70%!
Available on website, mobile Android app and iOS. To save even more money, buy it via cashback sites like shopback.

2. Deals Malaysia - All deals in one place. Dining, activities, beauty, gadgets, travel, home, fun.
Tired of going through various sites to find the best deal? Deals Malaysia does it for you. Grabbing deals from sites like Fave, Lazada, Streedeal, Hotel.

3. Offpeak - up to 50% off your dining bill. Available on website, Android app and iOS app.
It's easy as browsing for your favourite restaurants and book your date and time that you would want to dine there. Offpeak basically works with restaurants to get you discounts during their off peak periods.

4. Shopcoupons - A site for all your coupon needs. A good place to check before making final payments on popular Malaysian e-commerce sites like Zalora, Photobook, Uniqlo and Lazada. A voucher here and there can sometimes save you more than you realize.

Save on buying and selling new, used cars

1. Carlist - Malaysia's No.1 car site. Available on a website, android app or iOS app
Malaysia's most extensive listing of used and new cars, mostly from car dealers. Good place to browse, filter a wide range of car selection including recon cars.

2. - Trusted buying and selling car platform
This is perhaps one of the best places to sell a car quickly and at one of the best rates. They have a team to inspect your car and then arrange for online bidding open to car dealers nationwide. Things are done professionally and quickly. Buying a new car works the same way where you select the car you are looking for and car dealers would put their best price forward for you to select. They currently are only focused on new cars. Do check them out as they do sometimes have exclusive car promotions for new car purchases.

3. - Anyone can buy and sell anything, anywhere
Like classified ads, anyone can list and buy anything from anywhere in Malaysia for free. It's a good place to look for a good deal as you are dealing directly with the owners but the downside is to be weary of the deals. Suggest to work with a 3rd party mechanic to inspect the car before actual purchase.

4. Buy pre-owned cars from official car distributors. 
a) MUV - Nissan
b) Topmark - Toyota
c) Mercedes
d) Quill Automobiles - BMW
e) Mazda Anshin - Mazda
f) Lexus

Compare various credit cards, loans, bank interests, insurances and even mobile plans

1. Ringgitplus - credit cards, loans, savings, insurances, internet, promotions.
Malaysia's leading financial comparison site. Easy to navigate with helpful filters to pick the right for your crucial financial leads, all organized neatly for you. Includes extra bonuses like free Air Fryers, Tablets etc for selected sign ups. Keeps updated for the latest credit card promotions for dining, fashion and many other spendings.

2. - credit cards, broadband, loans, savings and investments, insurances. 
The veteran comparison site. Similar to Ringgitplus, iMoney does pretty well in comparing various financial solutions. iMoney does take it a step further by also providing helpful tools such as home loan calculators, retirement calculator. iMoney also does tie up with the selected providers to give you additional bonuses if you sign up through them.

3. - personal loans, credit cards, broadband.
This site puts a spin on things where it starts with your needs. You start with what you are looking for and the site post the questions to you with answers to select based on your needs. The downside is that you would need to provide your details before you get the results. The upside is that it guarantees the lowest prices.

Budget apps to keep your spending on track

1. Goodbudget - available on Android and iOS. Free and paid.
This is excellent for keeping to a fixed budget by category, similar to how you would use envelopes for each spending item.

2. Toshl - available on Android and iOS. Free and paid.
Great expense tracking tool especially if you travel a lot and uses multiple currencies. If you're an Android user, the widget makes it easy to key in expenses.

Getting money back from shopping, dining,

1. Shopback - Shopping online, helping you get money back
As simple as shopping online via the shopback Android app, iOS app or website and get a percentage or a fixed amount of money deposited. That's cash back!
(Sign up via the link to get instant RM5 free!)

2. MilkADeal  - Shop online, to get cash back
Similar to shopback, this is another site that gets you some money back. Compare both sites as sometimes the cash back is better vs the other on selected shopping sites.

3. Cardpow - Snap your shopping or dining receipt to get money back.
It also compiles credit card deals on several locations. Available on iOS and Android.